Tarazaga has created a program to evaluate and prepare the company for the adaptation of an environmental, social and governance management model, from the involvement of the people who work in the company. It is about moving from theory to practice, from compliance with the law to the fact that the bases of the model are integrated by all those who work in the company. For this we have the collaboration of the pioneer consultancy in carrying out ESG criteria analysis and providing structured information to large investment firms, Esgate.

Commitment to nature, the community, and the people employed

The European Union, in accordance with the United Nations 2030 agenda, has placed environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) at the centre of decision-making by companies and consumers.

In the coming years, the obligation to provide this non-financial information on its commitment to the environment, society and good corporate practices will also include small and medium-sized companies.

Far from being just a requirement, it can become a competitive advantage to the extent that, according to an IAE study, investing in companies that follow ESG principles improves return in relation to risk.

In addition, the development of ESG activities will be critical to building a corporate culture of the company before investors and shareholders, consumers, employees, and the community.

Implementation of the ESG model

There is a risk that companies see ESG criteria exclusively as a response to the external environment, instead of focusing on the perceptions and feelings of those who are part of the organization. Employee support for ESG management has effects on performance, organizational efficiency and business objectives.

Of course, the recognition of ESG activities must be accompanied by an innovative organizational culture and a collective behaviour that supports transformation to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the company.

In this sense, the effective implementation of an ESG policy in the company requires change management that responds to situations of stress and resistance that may exist.

How we help implementation

The implementation of ESG activities in the company produces changes in the culture, processes and often the functions and tasks of the positions. It is essential to analyse the unconscious of the system to guarantee the success of the new model.

To facilitate adaptation, Tarazaga carries out research on the emotional and operational disposition of the different groups of the company in their commitment to the principles of sustainability, through motivational dynamics. The study is completed with an analysis of corporate policies and practices in this field, using management information check-up and one-on-one interviews.

This in-depth examination makes it possible to identify the factors that act negatively on human and organizational behaviour regarding the practice of ESG principles, and the barriers that prevent their effective implementation in the company. At the same time, we discover the strategic areas of action on which accomplishment must be taken to transform the situation and make the company responsible from a social, environmental and governance point of view.

With this diagnosis, the company’s management team develops the implementation plan in a two-day workshop, with the facilitation of Tarazaga’s partner directors.