©Motivation management methodology has been the basis of the development of the emotional software EBMS

Tarazaga made a first management software in 2003 for the internal exploitation of the data collected with ©Motivation Management.

The second one was developed with the technological centre Tekniker, in 2008, based on the proposal to categorize the inputs from the NLP ontologies, Neurological Language Processing.

Tarazaga won the public tender of the National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work in 2011 to develop an emotional software that would increase safety awareness between business people from small and medium-sized companies.

We have opened a new line of research within Sentiment and Emotional analysis.

Our methodology gives keys to overcome the gap in which the AI ​​is now, integrating emotions to achieve certainty in individual, business and governance decisions, amid the avalanche of data collected by individuals, companies and organizations. This will make it possible to make the leap from Big Data to Smart Intelligence Data, within the IoT. Moving from Internet 4.0 to Society 5.0.

Currently, we are working applying classification algorithms and training with our database of over 20,000 multi-data collected with ©Motivation Management.

Society 5.0. From Big Data to Smart Intelligence Data.

The Japanese government considers the IoT as the vehicle that can take us to the fifth stage of human evolution, after hunting-gathering, cultivation, industry and the information age. A stage in which thanks to the IoT everything will be related to everything, in a single all-encompassing mind that will allow us to advance as a species, take a quantum leap, regardless of the fact that the population pyramid is inverted as is the case. It will be the society of super-smart information. However, for this interrelation of everything with everything to be truly evolutionary and not drag us into entropy, we must take a leap, from the merely functional capacity to manage huge amounts of information (capability) to an all-encompassing-conscious ability to integrate with criteria what is known (capacity). For this, the Japanese government wants to create start-ups of small companies that it calls “hidden gems”. Micro-companies that due to their innovative nature are capable of generating creative solutions, such as Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has been doing for more than 20 years.