Change and Organization

Tarazaga has been working for more than 20 years to create a transformative leadership model, capable of generating change in organizations, leading to a new socioeconomic reality, accelerating corporate awareness.

Change exists in time, without time there is no change. Our mind jumps from thought to thought, like the monkey from branch to branch, then discontinuity appears and with it the experience of time. The more the mind jumps, the more the thought is sequenced and the greater the feeling of dissociation, chaos and stress.

The mind yearns for continuity. The mind says: I don’t like change.

Life is change, but … continuous. Here is the paradox.

The old models do not support the new social and corporate requirements, with the scientific, technological and digital leap.

Needs of the organization

  • Guarantee the success of an organizational change, adapting the company’s tasks, the structure of competencies and the functions of the positions.
  • Fit people into the new organization chart.
  • Facilitate the generation of an environment conducive to reform, which reinforces pride of belonging and results in personal well-being.
  • Bring people together in a common vision and achievement of goals.


  • Analysis of the situation and previous data.
  • Diagnosis of the suitability of change and the ideal change with ©Motivation Management.
  • Training of the people involved, to live the change without disconnecting.
  • Drafting of the final project: starting situation; improvement areas; change actions, with definition of the strategic lines; definition of the organizational map and positions and functions.