Exemplary leadership
and motivation

In Tarazaga there is no list of attributes for the leader. Each human being manifests those that he or she discovers within himself and that he or she has come to manifest. We train the genuine values ​​of each person. That gives him/her charisma and authenticity. That gives the light with which the leader illuminates the path towards the new to others.

The social and economic environment is changing at breakneck speed. Organizations and citizens look for well-rooted leaders who connect with emerging new values ​​and know how and where to move.

Technology has changed the rules of the game. Now it’s not about making a few statements a year. Leaders are publicly exposed almost permanently, and people prioritize the authenticity and coherence of the values ​​lived and expressed.

To this is added a leap in the maturity of humanity. People increasingly acquire more judgment. Parental leadership is all over. The new leadership is exemplary, part of self-knowledge and rooting, synthesized in a phrase that in the European tradition immortalized the Delphic oracle “Know thyself”.

I am only able to control what I am aware of. But what I am not aware of controls me. Consciousness enables me.

John Whitmore (1937 – 2017)

Needs of the organization

  • Generate a new leadership culture in the management team, which is transmitted to the rest of the organization.
  • Change the behaviour of the members of the management team towards a management style that takes into account the values of the company.
  • Know the organizational conditions and the motivational keys of the management team that favour a change in behaviour.
  • Develop individual and collective leadership capacities.
  • Promote operational efficiency.


  • Previous analysis of the situation.
  • One to one interview with managers.
  • ©Motivational dynamics with managers and employees.
  • It may be necessary to develop ad hoc training.
  • Preparation of the change plan.
  • Training of executives and middle managers.