Executive and middle management training

The nervous system of the human being is prepared for the next step of his/her evolution: Continuous Efficient Attention, fruit of the external and internal concentration.

Continued efficient attention interrupts unwanted habits and automatisms that take us out of reality, causing accidents, reprocessing, stress, conflict and suffering. This allows learning that leads to the development of skills appropriate to the present moment, enabling well-being, fulfilment and inner peace. Thus, appears the synchrony of our being, in the here and now, as a part integrated into the environment, in a fluently way.

The Tarazaga Leadership Foundation has been a pioneer in training methods that contribute to changing behaviour in organizations.

Learning from our internal resources.

Tarazaga professionals have successfully trained and prepared thousands of executives and middle managers of leading companies, to do things differently; discovering their own abilities and those of others, as part of a universe that transcends their individuality.

The unimaginable solution is beyond reason. It is a certainty that appears before the abyss of paradox, when thought stops. That instant when the body and mind align with emotion. It is what some call intuition.

Transformation experience.

All the training we offer to clients are unique and developed exclusively to achieve the required capacities in each project.

Neurological research has shown that when the body moves and we secrete neuropeptides that generate new connections in the brain, a sustained change over time is possible. It is about corporealizing, experiencing the new, creating experiences that question the previous paradigm that is no longer adequate for this moment.

Who does not see and connect with emotion, lacks real information and is dragged by the impulses of his unconscious and a tyrannical thought.

Attention and connection with the present.

Security is a collective achievement. An accident occurs in the empty space of the team’s attention.

Conflict management.

The crisis is the door to growth. However you have to go through it.

Tolerance and diversity.

A team is stronger the greater its differences.

Creativity and high performance.

The new appears when the thought exhausts the responses, with tension and boredom in the adult, with concentration and fun in the child.

Frustration and resilience management.

The goal is a hundred steps beyond where you think your last breath is.

Listening and communication.

Whoever does not know silence cannot listen.

Some partners in training

Sir John Whitmore

One of the parents of coaching, author of “Coaching for Performance” and creator of the GROW method.

Whether we train, or advise, facilitate, or advise, the effectiveness of what we do will largely depend on our beliefs about human potential.

Jean Shinoda Bolen

PhD. in medicine, psychiatrist, Jungian analyst and writer and international speaker. Author, among other titles, of “The millionth circle”.

“Today, for the first time in human history, we have the resources to stop the pendulum. The time of the isms comes to an end, with the evolution of consciousness”.

Robin Sharma

Lecturer and author of several books, including: “The monk who sold his Ferrari” and “The leader who had no title”.

The challenges of life are exercises for the soul. They bring out your inner powers.”

“We grow without fear, when we do the things we fear.

Ángeles Martín

Founder of the Inst. of Gestalt Psychotherapy. Author of several books such as “When I meet Captain Hook ... (I'm not) hooked.”

It is much more useful to become aware of what is happening to us and what is happening around us, at all times, than to try to change, stop and even avoid something that is in me and that I do not like.

Gülsün Zeytinoglu


One of my goals with training is to create safe platforms so that people can look within them, connect with their essence, and thus facilitate their evolution.

Vered Neta

Founder of Open Circles Academy.

Training allows us to be in touch with our sensitivity and strength and to be aware that there is something beyond.

Didactic techniques

©Motivation Management

Analysis methodology with a systemic and neurological approach created by Tarazaga.

Vittoz method

Part of the mental training that favours the neuroplasticity of the brain.


Based on the body’s ability to self-regulate.

Jungian psychology

As an analytical approach to the motivations of the group.

©Motivational Dynamics

Work tool for raising the level of consciousness.

Systemic coaching

Focused on the person’s interactions with his or her environment.

Vedanta Advaita yoga and meditation

Attention and non-duality training.


Technique for understanding our internal conflicts.

Team activities

Sports and / or martial arts.

Foundation for Leadership

Tarazaga’s partners created in 2005 the Foundation for Innovation in Management and Leadership from Values (Sorlekua), which has been helping spread new leadership models based on self-knowledge and knowledge of others, and emotional skills, capable of generating change in organizations.