Talent and

Tarazaga has trained thousands of men and women on the arduous path of opening us to something completely new.

Humanity lives an inspiring moment. The creative tension, as always born from the exhaustion of old models, becomes stressful and / or exciting. Organizations are faced with the challenge of helping to channel all this energy to their collaborators effectively. It is about enabling creative environments that allow training the new, without losing orientation.

In this sense, innovation has been shown to be the most important predictor of future growth, where access to talent is the critical element. Identifying, attracting, developing and retaining people who can contribute innovative ideas and proposals is today one of the corporate mantras.

In this process, training is a fundamental tool.

©Motivation Management helps identify the talent of organizations and to train it. In that sense it reverts to the benefit of all the people that make it up and that of society.

Needs of the organization

  • Improving flexibility, creativity and entrepreneurship in the organization. 
  • Generation of a flexible structure of jobs in attractive and creative environments.


  • Development of management and compensation models focused on talent development, with decisive, experienced and visionary managers, capable of inspiring.


  • Get the involvement of executives, managers and employees with an innovative corporate culture.


  • Improve the competitive advantages of the company based on the human team.


  • Analysis of values and counter values and non-technical skills of the staff.
  • Internal interviews with managers.
  • External interviews with other agents and experts.
  • ©Motivational dynamics with managers and employees.
  • Preparation of the program to attract, retain and recognize innovative talent.
  • Training in soft skills related to innovation and creativity.