Product development, branding
and customer orientation

With ©Motivation Management we accelerate the processes of consciousness of citizens and consumers. In such a way we know the attributes of products and services that align with their unconscious values and the characteristics, messages and images that materialize them.

Do we know what we really want?

As consumers and citizens, we have the expectation of finding our needs covered, among a sea of almost infinite possibilities. And yet, dissatisfaction is one of the conclusions that more and more people reach when finding offers based on old values. How can we give consumers and citizens what does not yet exist, in times of such radical change as the one we are experiencing?

Up to 95% of our mind is unconscious. That black box is home to everything that will be and still not today. The field of infinite possibilities.

Needs of the organization

  • Sales increasing.
  • Increase consumer satisfaction with the brand experience and create emotional bonds with the customer in B2B.
  • Identify the keys to behaviour and conduct of customers or consumers.
  • Development of the brand strategy and plan, as a fundamental factor for positioning in the market.
  • Definition of positioning and corporate identity.
  • Strategic marketing and communication plan.


  • Analysis of primary market sources.
  • One to one interview with managers.
  • One to one interview with clients and suppliers.
  • One to one interview with competitors.
  • ©Motivational dynamics with managers and employees.
  • ©Motivational dynamics with consumers.
  • Mystery shopping in company facilities.
  • Others (observational visits, competition, etc.).
  • Preparation of the marketing and communication plan.
  • Formulation of the brand plan.
  • Construction of the repositioning plan.