Based on our unique methodology, we contribute to solving complex systemic problems

Tarazaga has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with long successful experience in transformation projects of companies and organizations through people.

Specialists in business strategy, economics and management, marketing and communication, organization, psychology, coaching, attention and presence training, yoga and meditation.

Know us

Phases of a standard project:

  • Research (©Motivational dynamics)
  • Diagnosis of the situation (EBMS software)
  • Definition of the strategy
  • Strategic Plan formulation workshop
  • Preparation of the transformation plan
  • Change implementation


Alfredo Rodríguez-Berzosa

Partner director

Alfredo has been supporting leading companies to achieve their business objectives for 30 years, leading strategic transformation projects from research and diagnosis to the action plan. He is PhD in Economic Information.

Isabel Salsamendi Extremiana

Partner director

Isabel has been a pioneer for more than 20 years in the development of techniques for analysing the unconscious and training for personal change in organizations. He has led the research and development of ©Motivation Management and its digitization.

Mission and values

By changing ourselves, we transform the organization

To achieve more effective and happy organizations, it is essential to become fully aware of what is happening, by observing the mechanisms of our minds.

If we manage to control thoughts, we will be masters of our emotions, making thought determine emotion, and therefore individual and collective behaviours.

A momentous change will inevitably require new conducts. In order to maintain it over time, we must build a corporate culture based on awareness and knowledge of reality. The company must promote a shared vision, commitment, leadership skills, and work capabilities in change.

The implementation of sustainable strategies

Philosophy of partnership with clients

Professional and human development of employees

Respect and consideration for suppliers

Sustainable wealth for society

Support of solidarity projects