Healthy and
productive company

The transformation of the safety culture and the improvement of risk behaviours can only occur when we identify the variables that determine the human and organizational factors that are at its base.

Knowledge of the situation, safety leadership, communication, teamwork and effective decision making are part of the system that conditions the accident rates and the production of the accident.

Changing the automatism, the unwanted habits, for new skills appropriate to the present, is achieved through continuous efficient attention training, symmetrical concentration (external-internal) and learning of these new skills.

The effective performance of safe behaviours is based on effective care, and has positive effects on the productivity, efficiency, quality and well-being of people and contributes to the improvement of business results.

The accident occurs in the empty space of the team’s attention.

Needs of the organization

  • Improvement of loss ratios, within an integrated security management with the established parameters.
  • Development of an effective safety culture based on human behaviour, as a motivational element for managers and workers.
  • Guidelines for the performance of job security, with positive effects on productivity, efficiency, quality and well-being.
  • Improvement of the organizational, system and environment aspects that determine risk behaviour.


  • Preliminary research on accident statistics, facilities, methods and procedures, processes.
  • Visits to work centres and on-site analysis.
  • One-to-one personal interviews with managers, unions, contractors and other stakeholders.
  • Investigation of ©motivational dynamics with managers and workers.
  • Behaviour based safety training.
  • Preparation of the safety plan.
  • Design of the psychosocial risk improvement program.