Tarazaga is the only worldwide consulting firm we know that has applied our Theory of Mind with its neurological basis to business management since 2001.

Antonio Damasio

Professor of Neurology at the University of Southern California and Director of the Institute for the Neurological Study of Emotion and Creativity. Member of the European and American Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Awards: Prince of Asturias for Scientific Research, Pessoa, Golden Brain y Honda.

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© Motivation Management

  • Solves complex problems in organizations, managing people’s emotions and collective unconscious.
  • It has a growing database of more than 20,000 emotions, actions and images that allow us to identify the keys to human decision.
  • Raise the corporate unconscious to conscious allowing it to be managed rationally.
  • We are currently working on an AI application that would allow clients to manage through ©Motivation Management.

What makes us unique


5 March 2022

Tarazaga creates an impartial model for the implementation of teleworking

The worldwide pandemic caused by Covid19 was a catalyst for changes that had been brewing for some time in the field of business strategy. But telecommuting was one of the most visible. It demanded the consolidation or acceleration of investments and technological developments that allow working remotely and developing digitization…
24 February 2022

The Figeva Foundation awards Ana Villar for her research against pulmonary fibrosis

The Figeva Foundation for leadership based on values, promoted by the partners of Tarazaga Emotional Business Management, has recognized the leadership of Ana V. Villar, head of the Research Laboratory in molecular treatments against cardiac fibrosis-FIBROHEART, of the Cantabria’s Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology (IBBTEC), for its advances in the…
16 April 2021

Management keys in the new economic scenario

The declaration of the state of alarm in March 2020 led to the confinement of the population, the experience of personal and social dramas, and the submission to sometimes confusing and contradictory guidelines. The pandemic has revealed the true economic situation and dissolved the mirage of recovery from the 2008…

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