Tarazaga is the only worldwide consulting firm we know that has applied our Theory of Mind with its neurological basis to business management since 2001.

Antonio Damasio

Professor of Neurology at the University of Southern California and Director of the Institute for the Neurological Study of Emotion and Creativity. Member of the European and American Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Awards: Prince of Asturias for Scientific Research, Pessoa, Golden Brain y Honda.

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thousand employees supported

© Motivation Management

  • Solves complex problems in organizations, managing people’s emotions and collective unconscious.
  • It has a growing database of more than 20,000 emotions, actions and images that allow us to identify the keys to human decision.
  • Raise the corporate unconscious to conscious allowing it to be managed rationally.
  • We are currently working on an AI application that would allow clients to manage through ©Motivation Management.

What makes us unique


23 March 2023

Tarazaga and Esgate help implement the sustainable business model from the commitment of people

Tarazaga has created a program to evaluate and prepare the company for the adaptation of an environmental, social and governance management model, from the involvement of the people who work in the company. It is about moving from theory to practice, from compliance with the law to the fact that…
28 January 2023

Neurosciences at the service of leadership

Neuroscience is one of the areas of knowledge on which our Motivation Management© methodology is based, which we have been using in Tarazaga for more than 20 years in hundreds of projects developed for leading companies. The Sorlekua Foundation for Leadership, which we created in 2005, has opted to facilitate…
31 October 2022

New health and safety projects in Spain and Portugal

Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has developed in 2022 several projects to improve health and safety, based on changing the safety culture, for companies in the chemical, steel, food and energy industries in Spain and Portugal. Our Motivation Management© methodology, which is based on neuroscience and systemics, has been successfully applied…

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