Tarazaga is the only worldwide consulting firm we know that has applied our Theory of Mind with its neurological basis to business management since 2001.

Antonio Damasio

Professor of Neurology at the University of Southern California and Director of the Institute for the Neurological Study of Emotion and Creativity. Member of the European and American Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Awards: Prince of Asturias for Scientific Research, Pessoa, Golden Brain y Honda.

trained managers
thousand employees supported

© Motivation Management

  • Solves complex problems in organizations, managing people’s emotions and collective unconscious.
  • It has a growing database of more than 20,000 emotions, actions and images that allow us to identify the keys to human decision.
  • Raise the corporate unconscious to conscious allowing it to be managed rationally.
  • We are currently working on an AI application that would allow clients to manage through ©Motivation Management.

What makes us unique


7 May 2020

A new identity for a new era

Evolution arises from adaptation to the changes that Life presents to us. The Covid-19 is one of the largest that, as Humanity, we have faced for decades. Tarazaga Emotional Business Management was undergoing a change in corporate identity and strategic business definition, like so many other companies, when the pandemic…
7 May 2020

The post COVID-19 society

The opportunity for change Society has been in confinement for 50 days. The emotions of panic, anguish and submission have been giving way to others of uncertainty, mistrust and anger. Society is under the effects of post-traumatic stress derived from prolonged deprivation of liberty by an invisible threat. No images…
23 December 2019

Training in emotional management oriented to job satisfaction

Tarazaga professionals carried out in 2018 an emotional management training program for a leading private hospital in its sector. The objective was to increase job satisfaction and staff effectiveness, improve pride of belonging and customer orientation, as well as develop management skills related to behaviours that affect improvement factors. Around…

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