©Motivation Management elevates the corporate unconscious to conscious, allowing it to be rationally identified.


©Motivation Management was recognized by Actualidad Económica magazine, as one of the 100 best ideas, in the Management section.


©Motivation Management solves complex problems in organizations from the identification of emotions and the collective unconscious of people.

©Motivation Management is a scientific method, developed and patented by the founders of Tarazaga, which is based on the General Systems Theory, E. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints and the latest developments in neurology and psychology of the unconscious.

When a top manager has to make decisions that incorporate large amounts of data, he or she cannot depend on his or her rational thinking. ©Motivation Management reaches the root causes by dissolving uncertainty. It is a paradigm shift from which everything makes sense. A new way of seeing and understanding the reality that you have before your eyes.

Up to 95% of what the human mind knows is hidden in the unconscious. The rational brain, neocortex, can only manage what it knows, between 5% – 15% of the information.

Tarazaga has collected data, for more than 20 years, on the neurological processes that elevate the unconscious to conscious, allowing us to reach certainty in action.

The first client in which Tarazaga applied ©Motivation Management was the Asturian mining company, Hunosa.

The company received the award from the Occupational Risk Foundation of the Spanish Ministry of Labour after the project.

What makes us unique

Armando Gaspar

DaimlerChrysler President

The management of production centres with several thousand workers would be incomplete, unless we listen to the hearts of those who dedicate their effort and enthusiasm to the brand.

José María Montserrat

Petronor Production Director

©Motivation Management has dissolved our belief that Safety and Productivity walk separate paths. After working with this methodology, we know that what prevents one is what prevents the other. The For Safety Acts campaign, born from this new awareness, halved the accident rate of personnel and incidents related to the process, improving productivity as a result of all this.

Andoni Aldekoa de la Torre

Man. Dir. at Euskalduna Congress Hall Bilbao

In this new stage of Euskalduna Bilbao, our objective is to re-position the brand and services as “premium”. Betting for this on international markets, business meetings and digitization of the centre. Achievement depends on valuing people, facilitating their collaboration as a team and aligning them with excellence and innovation. It has been of great value to the company and, above all, to the development of the team and people, incorporating ©Motivation Management as the guiding methodology of the change process.

Dr. Nicolás Guerra

Man. Dir. of IMQ Zorrotzaurre

Tarazaga has helped us consolidate our efforts to improve the skills of our staff, with specific training aimed at delving into the keys to improving job satisfaction. The techniques he uses go beyond traditional training, analysing the group’s collective unconscious.

Rosa María Fernandez-Villa

Director of Human Capital, Metro Bilbao

Training with Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has made it possible to improve the response of a team, in managing difficulties, using all its resources. The team’s acceptance and their attitude towards this innovative process has shown us the immense potential that human beings have to achieve well-being in the midst of difficulty.

José Antonio Martín Borregón

Man. Dir. of ING Real Estate Southern Europe

Having the precise knowledge of what motivates consumers greatly helps us define our product. In such a way that it aligns with the tastes of each city where we have a shopping centre.