Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has developed in 2022 several projects to improve health and safety, based on changing the safety culture, for companies in the chemical, steel, food and energy industries in Spain and Portugal.

Our Motivation Management© methodology, which is based on neuroscience and systemics, has been successfully applied to identify the factors that are in the organizational unconscious and act as the basic cause of the situation, as well as the solutions that will transform motivation and behaviours. These principles are summarized in a video that we have produced at the request of one of our clients. VIDEO

In all cases, a precise diagnosis has made it possible to identify the strategic areas that constitute the levers of change and to carry out a strategic workshop with the key people of the organization from which the transformation plan emerges.

Training for change

In some of these projects, Tarazaga has contributed to the implementation with innovative training programs for management teams, focused on exercising continuous efficient attention and achieving corporate awareness. With this, it is possible to improve self-knowledge, develop new skills, and increase communication, collaboration, and trust among all members of the company.
Research of the Max Plank Institute has shown, with scientific data, that the type of training techniques used by Tarazaga change not only the behaviour of people, but also the brain structures related to the areas that have been worked on.
In the end, it is about making safer organizations possible, but also more efficient, effective, and happy teams.