Listening and

Tarazaga has been helping thousands of workers, customers, shareholders, citizens and people from different sectors and countries for more than 20 years to see and understand what their true needs and motivations are and helping organizations and governments to satisfy them.

One hundred percent of the achievement of organizations and governments comes from the response they give to the needs of their citizens, clients, collaborators and shareholders. But, for the answer to be adequate, you must first know how to listen beyond the “top of the mind”. People respond to rational questions with our rational brain, which controls no more than 15% of the beliefs and values ​​that our minds hold. With ©Motivation Management, Tarazaga reaches the basic causes that motivate clients, citizens and collaborators, helping organizations and governments to satisfy them.

The communication policy must form part of the organization’s strategic plan, as an instrument of the corporate culture, which favors the internalization by the group of people that make it up of the vision, mission and values ​​of the company.

If you have never heard silence, you have never been able to listen. If you couldn’t listen, what did you respond to?

Needs of the organization

  • Development of the internal communication strategy, as an instrument of the strategic plan.
  • Strengthening internal communication in the organization as a lever for corporate culture.
  • Internalization by the staff of the vision, mission and values of the company.
  • Creation of conditions for effective communication of managers and middle managers with staff.
  • Design of the comprehensive internal communication plan.


  • Primary investigations with managers and employees.
  • Analysis of communication processes, tools and content.
  • Study of the effects of internal communication.
  • Training in communication techniques for specialists.
  • Training in communication strategies and messages for managers.
  • Preparation of the internal communication plan.