Tarazaga has managed a competitive positioning plan for a service company that operates in the international market. There was an opportunity for taking advantage of a new stage of management, making a strategic turn and enhance its presence in the European market.

A new brand and positioning strategy have been developed to create emotional and functional ties with its target customers and end users.

The project has involved an analysis of the international market and the trends that currently condition it, an audit with competitors and Ibex companies, as well as internal research (interviews and ©motivational dynamics with managers and key staff).

The study has focused, first, on studying where the company comes from and what it is today (processes, competitors, commercial action, SWOT, leadership and corporate culture) and what are the impediments to fulfilling its vision. Then, we analysed the branding that is currently being implemented and the competitive situation, as well as what the competition is doing. Based on a renewed business model, a new marketing and people management strategy is defined. Finally, the positioning and brand plan has been created, including communication strategies.

As part of the process of implementing the change, a training program has been developed for the management team and some twenty key professionals. The objective has been to develop the necessary skills to take that qualitative leap.