Evolution arises from adaptation to the changes that Life presents to us. The Covid-19 is one of the largest that, as Humanity, we have faced for decades. Tarazaga Emotional Business Management was undergoing a change in corporate identity and strategic business definition, like so many other companies, when the pandemic has arrived. Survival belongs to everyone who, in the face of challenges, upholds our goal of contributing to the progress of the society to which we belong.

The dolphin has been with us as a logo for 20 years, it represents the emotional, brave and social mind, a sign of identity of our work as a consulting company. The creator of the original brand, the artist from Bilbao Mario Gaztelu, has redesigned its lines. He achieves a more dynamic and polychrome image, which incorporates key concepts in our business strategy: digitization, integration, agility and evolution. It integrates perfectly into the new website that Alfredo Álvarez, from Alalpe, has designed.

Proud of our values

With this new image, Tarazaga remains faithful to the principles with which the strategic consultancy was born in 1998: honesty, excellence, trust, innovation, adaptability, dedication, solidarity; and with whom since 2005 we have trained the executives of client companies: participative leadership, collaboration, respect, listening and communication, efficient attention and corporate awareness.

Our new corporate identity is now more dynamic, flexible and versatile. It is formed by the superimposed integration of organic forms, evoking cellular activity, the origin of life and, with them, the conscious emotional intelligence that constantly directs us forward.

It is a dolphin that jumps out of the water, full of vitality and lucidity, to enter again into the peaceful silence of the deep waters, where it is recharged with strength and wisdom. Always sail the seas in community, leaving behind him a trail of gratitude from all those with whom it meets. The dolphin is jovial and supportive, bold and generous, agile and strong, capable of making a lasting impression.


Self-knowledge and empathy

Its colours evoke the warmth of human skin, closeness, friendliness, respect and collaboration, as the beginning and end of the projects we undertake. This aspect has been sought to be reinforced with the use of a technical and legible typeface, with light and precise strokes, with filed edges, representing self-knowledge and the continuous improvement of our human nature so that it manifests its full potential.

The dolphin belongs to a biological family that has more than 30 species, which accounts for its diversity and ability to adapt to different environments. Evolution endowed them with a hydrodynamic physiognomy, optimal for coping in an often-hostile environment. They are considered one of the most intelligent species on the planet and their ability to establish social ties and to develop strong empathy has been observed.

We are grateful for the 20 years of journey in which it has been a faithful protector in all kinds of seas. Today we celebrate by giving back the image that inspires us, more vital and powerful than ever.