Training the unconscious

The problem

An important private clinic aims to develop certain skills related to improving staff satisfaction, to consolidate initiatives that have been implemented in recent years. It was about influencing factors such as leadership, trust, listening and empathy or patient orientation.

The disease is a wake-up call from the body to regain balance. To see what is important here and now and has not yet been seen. ©Motivation Management from its systemic approach looks at the symptom in the context of the individual and his belonging to a family and social system that includes health services.

Listening without judgment to the symptom of the unconscious of that group, embodied in a person, allows us with ©Motivation Management to be aware of what wants to be seen, rationally manage it and heal the person and the system.

The solution

200 men and women from the clinic’s healthcare and non-healthcare staff voluntarily participated in a training course to SEE / CONNECT with their unconscious. They realized that an external figure was needed to supervise and maintain equidistance and objectivity in the triangle that is formed between health personnel, the patient and the family. Such figure should manage emotions, so as not to block all possibilities of healing.

The health professionals also realized the impact of the patient’s family systems on their personal life and the need to actively train to maintain emotional balance, well-being and their own health.