Reduction of occupational risks

The problem

Hunosa was the first client in which ©Motivation Management was applied in 2001. At that time, the leading mining company had six deaths or serious accidents per year on average.

The solution

With the ©Motivation Management methodology, it was discovered that fear and anxiety led the miners to run, from the unconscious belief of all the members of the Hunosa system: inside happened death, outside life.

The solution was a reduction in working hours, more time outside the mine, but in exchange the permits to leave earlier when the work was finished were removed. This ended the deaths in the Asturian public company.

José María Iturrate

Hunosa Human Resources Director

“After Tarazaga helped us find the root cause of the loss, the company’s prevention policy has advanced in many ways more than in 100 years of history.

The company was awarded by the Foundation for the Prevention of Occupational Risks of the Spanish Ministry of Labour.