Isabel Salsamendi Extremiana

Socia Directora

Isabel Salsamendi has been a pioneer for more than 20 years in the development of techniques for analyzing the unconscious and in training for personal change in organizations. She is an MBA from IEBS. She has led the research and development of ©Motivation Management and its digitization.

Isabel has developed a long career in managing, consulting and transforming people for leading companies. Since 2005, she is president of the Foundation for Innovation in Management and Leadership (Sorlekua). Previously, she has been Marketing and Communication Director for Bilbao Ría 2000, at Progresa (Grupo Prisa), product manager at Johnson&Johnson and assistant to Eduard Ballarin, head of international strategy at IESE, as well as a teacher at ESIC.

Isabel Salsamendi has managed many change and training projects for executives together with some of the great international experts, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Vered Neta, Gülsün Zeytinoglu, Ángeles Martín etc. and has been a mentor to senior managers. She participated in advising on the merger of Argentaria.

Isabel has a BA in Information Sciences from the University of Navarra and MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, in addition to a Master in Organizational Constellations. He has been trained for many years in coaching, psychology, and change management. She is an expert in Gestalt, Jungian psychology and transactional analysis.

She practices yoga and vedanta advaita meditation since 2004.