35th anniversary of the Basque Health System

The objective

Osakidetza is one of the first quality health systems in the State according to the FADSP, employing 32,000 people.

The 35th anniversary constitutes an opportunity to highlight the role that Osakidetza has played in these years and that embodies the value reflected in the Basque Country, a common good.

The elderly and chronic patients need the highest percentage of material and human energy from the Basque health system.

With ©Motivation Management, volunteers from the system participate in sessions where it becomes aware that looking at the disease without victim-hood, without guilt, as an adult, increases the chances of healing. Sick people, their families and health personnel are united in a movement that they verbalize in a phrase and an image whose vibration opens them to something new and powerful: Boosting Life.

In this phrase Life is honoured by accepting all good and bad experience as part of an exciting growth path.

The solution

Tarazaga is the consultant that wins the public tender to define, organize and coordinate the events to commemorate its 35th anniversary.

The project involved initially a study with patients, through ©Motivational Dynamics, to previously define the marketing and action strategy. Then came the preparation of specific events, the planning and articulation of communication, as well as the design and preparation of informative materials.

Three photographic exhibitions commemorating its decades-long career, with different formats, were organized in different locations; a specific website and brochure were created, in addition to posters to be placed in the system’s hundreds of centres.

Also, as part of the anniversary, Tarazaga conceived and organized a health conference with international speakers, and a special commemorative event, with an artistic show for VIP guests and employees.