International impact

The problem

One of the main service organizations in a region aims to increase its activity in the international corporate markets, highlighting its activity, in connection with a new brand strategy.

The solution

Different market research is carried out, as well as internal studies with company managers and staff, from which a re-positioning plan emerges.

Internally, the barriers to align people with the new approach are identified and the skills and competences to be developed are reformulated.

With ©Motivation Management we can see staff members have been aware of their confinement in the belief that their job was just to attend to those who arrived. They have seen-felt that beyond its walls the Sun shines and is hot. That Life awaits them …

It is the logical process of maturity of a business. The step of the child who only receives the adult who knows how to give and receive. From the reactive management of what comes to the proactive that moves from their knowledge to their vision.

Since the study was carried out, the staff maintains the voluntary training of the team members in self-awareness with the Figeva Foundation.