Repositioning of space and radio communications group

The problem

An international group specialized in space, radio systems for broadcasting and air control, and security and defence communications, constituted by the integration of diverse companies, lacks an identity, corporate culture and brand common. It is imperative to achieve an aligned and homogeneous strategic vision in this corporation with a presence in Europe, the United States and Latin America, that transforms into a consistent image towards its employees, clients and stakeholders around the world.

The solution

An international investigation is carried out with members of the organization, clients and competitors, in addition to a brand bench-marking study and content analysis of the communication system. From there comes a brand and re-positioning plan that is implemented through new and traditional online communication tools. A coherent positioning is developed between its internal and external audiences, which becomes a clear proposal, with effect on its business results. The group multiplies its value, measured in ROI, 2.4 times in two years.