Tarazaga has carried out a strategic project to study the internal communication of a large service company, focused on a team of more than 200 people that constitutes the backbone of the firm’s direct relationship with the millions of users that the company serves throughout the year.

It was about knowing the improvement points existing in the current company policies, to define the strategies and actions that should be implemented in internal communication. This element was conceived as a tool for collective change, in order to meet corporate goals.

The research has incorporated in-depth personal interviews, an online survey with the participation of the entire group, examination of the use of the intranet, as well as content analysis of internal communication.

The diagnosis has allowed to know in detail the values that are experienced in that group and the characteristics and relevance of the different types of communication. It was also analysed the frequency and channels, focus of the messages, its purposes and the existing barriers to effective communication.

From there, an action plan has been established that takes into account the key criteria regarding information management, corporate culture, content, channels (current and new), frequencies and handling of messages to align with the needs of the group, which is at the same time the basic framework for communication with the client.