Tarazaga has carried out a pioneering project for an international industrial group, focused on the solution to the deterioration of the environment in one of the areas of the company. This deficiency was producing abnormal situations in people, related to casualties or stress.

The project has focused on laying the foundations for solving the situation and improving the psychosocial risks ratios that were occurring, by discovering the human (behavioural) or organizational (conditions) factors that were at the base of the problem.

It was about knowing the impact that this state of events was having on people’s behaviour, to transform the context. The final objective was to increase job satisfaction and the effectiveness of executives, middle managers and employees, facilitating an action aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values.

Tarazaga has researched the affected groups, in different geographical locations, using the own ©motivational dynamics tool and has completed the study with in-depth personal interviews with key company executives.

The diagnosis, based on the ©Motivation Management methodology (founded on neuroscience, psychology and other systemic methods), has allowed us to discover the human and organizational factors that are at the base of the problem, as well as the solutions to it. Likewise, the negative emotional map that was causing this situation and the positive emotions that will be developed by putting the transformation into practice have been defined.

The last phase of the project is the development of a change plan that the company has started to apply from the outset, with success.