The Figeva Foundation for leadership based on values, promoted by the partners of Tarazaga Emotional Business Management, has recognized the leadership of Ana V. Villar, head of the Research Laboratory in molecular treatments against cardiac fibrosis-FIBROHEART, of the Cantabria’s Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology (IBBTEC), for its advances in the treatment of pneumonia in patients with Covid19.

The main objective of the Figeva Foundation is to promote the values of leadership and people management within business organizations. Since 2005, it has collaborated with the neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, professor at the University of Southern California, to develop innovative management and leadership models based on the development of new brain capacities.

For the first time, the Figeva Foundation awards this distinction in the scientific field instead of in the business one, because Ana has the characteristics that we are looking for in leaders”, explains the chairwoman of FIGEVA, Isabel Salsamendi, “since she has achieved the development of a team with specialization, but with an overall vision, based on trust, resilience and perseverance, so that we believe it is an important contribution to team management and leadership”.

Economic support for the development of science

The Figeva Foundation has also donated 3,000 euros to the research group led by Villar, specifically to research for the protection of pulmonary fibrosis after COVID-19 infection through plant extracts with intrinsic protective characteristics.

This project, launched in 2020 with funding from the Government of Cantabria, tries to develop a therapeutic cocktail aimed at patients with Covid19 who have pneumonia and have impaired oxygenation capacity due to pulmonary fibrosis, which puts their lives at risk.

“As leader of the research team, I am tremendously surprised to see that presidents of foundations can pay attention to our way of working, of carrying out our research projects and that we can be an example for other sectors”, Ana V. Villar has assessed.

The director of IBBTEC, Piero Crespo, for his part, thanked “on behalf, in general, of the Cantabrian and Spanish scientific community, this donation from the Figeva Foundation, which we hope will serve as an example for the entire private initiative, since At this time, these initiatives continue to be essential for science to survive in this country”.