Do you want to collaborate with Tarazaga?

Tarazaga has a multidisciplinary team of collaborators who contribute their specific knowledge, in order to obtain a complete vision of both the situations that affect our clients and the nature of the solutions that best enable the transformation to achieve the objectives of each project.

Please upload your CV in PDF format.

We look for the following profiles:


Consulting staff helps clients resolve issues, create value, maximize growth, and improve business results. They use their knowledge and skills to provide advice and help companies and organizations develop effective and achievable action plans.

Ideally, professionals with knowledge of strategy, management, operations, human resources, marketing or communication, capable of analysing data, preparing proposals and preparing high-level reports, making change recommendations and advising clients


Research staff collects and analyses multiple types of data through a variety of formats and presents the results of the research. They must know the research strategies to cover the needs of each specific project and plan the studies in times, means and sources. In addition, the ability to interpret and analyse the data is required.

For this work, it is necessary to have research skills, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and understanding of numbers, as well as advanced management of specific computer programs.


You will participate in the training of leaders who will transform society through their companies. You will be part of a team that trains executives and managers, so that they internalize the knowledge and practice the skills that are the subject of each course. You will monitor the evolution of each participant and provide their evaluation.

Training in neuroscience, psychology, coaching, conscious movement, vedanta-advaita, and any self-knowledge therapy is valued, but it is not the only gateway to the Tarazaga team of trainers. If it is essential to have a proven personal trajectory in the commitment to individual and social evolution, with techniques that train superior cognitive processes, in collective settings.


The technology staff will join the development team of the new deep learning software that manages the inputs and outputs of the data obtained with the application of our methodology, ©Motivation Management.

For this work, it is necessary to have computer skills, machine learning, deep learning, knowledge of Emotion and Sentiment analysis classification algorithms, analytical thinking, mathematical ability, as well as advanced management of phyton. Experience in similar projects and humanistic and neuroscience training are highly valued in addition to technique.