Tarazaga. Vision and Mission
Tarazaga Emotional Business Management is a consulting firm specialized in top management processes and marketing, created with the aim of achieving more efficient organisations where people would be happier.

We believe that the implementation of sustainable strategies, based on emotional management and on human values, have indeed a better prospect for changing businesses successfully.

We work from the philosophy of partnership with our clients and the conmitment for achieving their business goals.

We add to the multinational experience of our professionals, a clear bet for the use of the information technologies and new media (Internet).

We contribute to the professional development of our employees, providing them with the resources and the training they need to properly fulfil their tasks, in a confident environment, that allows the fluency of innovative ideas and teamworking.

We treat all our providers with respect and concern, not shrinking their margins in a way that could jeopardize their development and growth.

We approach the development of the projects we carry out from the top objective of creating sustainable wealth that benefits society, looking for its strengthening, stability and international projection.

Tarazaga Consultores has the commitment of giving part of its profits, for the development of projects that create wealth and jobs, so enabling the development of less developed people and communities, supporting the education of women and handicapped.

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