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Transforming the negative atmosphere in well being with effectiveness

Tarazaga has carried out a pioneering project to an international industrial group, focused on the solution to the deterioration of the environment in one of the areas of the company, which was producing anomalous situations in people, related to the rates of stress.

The project has focused on making the arrangements for resolving the situation, as well as improving the indicators of psychosocial risks that were taking place, by the discovery of the human factors (behavioural) or organizational (conditions) that were on the basis of the problem.

It was to know the impact that this state of events was taking in the behaviour of people, to transform the context. The final objective was to increase the satisfaction in the workplace and the effectiveness of executives, middle managers and employees, providing a performance aligned with the mission, vision and values of the company.

Tarazaga has researched the affected groups, in different geographical locations, using its proprietary motivational dynamics and has completed the study with in-depth personal interviews to key executives of the company.

The diagnosis, based on the methodology of Motivation Management©, that is based on the neuroscience, psychology and other systemic methods, has led to the discovery of the human and organizational factors that are at the root of the problem, as well as the solutions to the same. It has also been defined the negative emotional map that was provoked by this situation and the positive emotions that will be developed once the transformation was developed.

The last phase of the project is the development of a plan that the company has begun to apply from the very first moment, successfully.

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