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Launch of an original online marketplace

Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has made in 2016 a study and strategic plan of viability for an innovative online marketplace, which puts in contact buyers, sellers and prescribers, in order to support its commercial launch.

Tarazaga has studied the technical and economic viability of the business model, for which it has carried out a research among potential users, in addition to a study of benchmarking of reference portals although the initiative responds to a new and unique concept. It has also analyzed the different target groups (companies, consumers and prescribers) and the competitive environment.

On the other hand, has created a marketing strategy based on an innovative positioning and in redefining the brand and corporate identity. It has also been designed a strategy of expansion in the medium term and has redefined the structure, contents and design of the portal.

The project will be completed with the preparation of the financial plan and the development of the commercial strategy.

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