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Moderation in a conflict between a manager and his team

Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has run in 2016 a moderation project in a case of conflict at a large company of services. The situation of disagreement between a manager and his team had led to a major confrontation, affecting personal relationships, the professionalism of the people who worked in the department as well as the motivation and effectiveness at work.

Tarazaga has made a systemic study of the situation, identifying the root causes of the problem as opposed to the unwanted effects. Has investigated with motivational dynamics techniques the groups involved and has conducted in-depth interviews with other executives and trade union representatives of the organization. Work has also been done in the analysis of personality, values and non-technical skills of the manager under consideration.

The complete diagnosis has led to the discovery of the organizational and personal factors that were on the basis of the problem and the solutions that would change the status of the situation. With these results, has worked a change plan, which has involved the company’s executive committee, as well as the social part.

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