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Security strategy for oil & gas group, based on human and organizational factor

Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has developed a strategic safety plan for one of the leading companies in the oil & the gas industry by the end of 2014. The project has led to carry out investigations, in one of the largest plants of the company, using groups of motivational dynamics, personal interviews and visits of recognition. This work has resulted in a comprehensive diagnosis of the situation and the identification of the factors needed improvement, as well as those who would be the levers of change, including the emotional system analysis.

The next step is to generate a process of awareness and implementation in common with the management team, from strategic goals, indicators and critical success factors defined by Tarazaga. The last phase has been the creation of specific lines of action should be undertaken in the short and medium term, in each of the 7 identified strategic areas of change, to achieve an optimal security situation.

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