Tarazaga. The Method
Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has developed Motivation Management (Gestión de la Motivación)© as a property research, diagnosis and strategy methodology to identify the basic cause of problems affecting organisations and companies when they take place as a result of human behaviour. In such a way it is possible to intervene on it for changing conducts in the sense of the settled objectives.

This methology can be applied to:

The internal ground of organisations, for solving problems of human resources.

Marketing and commercial operations, for going forward the behaviour of clients, customers or citizens.

The financial field, so as to impact on shareholders and investors.

It is a powerful instrument to identify and to solution the negative effects in businesses without creating new ones and anticipating future conduct of the key publics. It always incorporates a detailed action plan to intervene over the problem so breaking up the critical barrier that prevents to reach the objectives.

The process begins with the analysis of values and emotions of individuals or groups involved regarding the object to be improved:
- Labour relations
- Labour accidents
- New products or services launching
- New concepts developing
- Buying of goods or services
- Attitude facing an organisation, its products, managers or corporate image
- Marketing, human resources, financial or strategic policies

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