Picture of a child hearing a conch shell -- Would you like to hear something new? The companies with the best labour climate increased their value a 176% between 1998 and 2004. Happy worker, profitability for sure.
Figeva Foundation   FIGEVA (Foundation for the Innovation in Management and Leadership from Human Values), created by TARAZAGA, is born with the objective of favouring the development of business and institutional leaders' emotional capabilities, so influencing the well-being of people into organisations and the growth of competitiveness and efficiency.

Organisations are fields where routine, individual interests and distrust prevail today, if not fear and irresponsibility. It drives companies to inefficiency, what influences directly on their P&L accounts.

The capacity to generate, reproduce or transform those behaviours resides on the organisations' managers, who are the holders of the resources, the strategy and the value reference.

It is compulsory to have leaders able of generating major internal cohesion and building relationships based on the confidence in the long term; increasing the ethics at every level; and developing a leadership chain committeed with the company's philosophy.

In this environment, FIGEVA tries to promote the thinking about the need of incorporating new management styles based on human values. A flexible style of management, where teamworking becomes central, based on the respect to others and the mutual confidence.

Emotional intelligence has been raised as the conceptual platform from where to apply the change in management and leadership styles, and to tackle the transformation of the organisational behaviour in its entire dimension.

With this aim, FIGEVA will support the promotion of activities focused on mobilizing both emotional intelligence and bodily factors, to achieve leaders putting positive emotion in action, with two objectives: obtaining profitability in their operations in one hand, and of workers' satisfaction on the other.

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